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Latest news about Marconi Express

Corporate News

On the first of June 2018, the operations for the launch of the third and last vehicle, propriety of Marconi Express, have been concluded. The monorail will be able to link in 7 and a half minutes the Marconi airport to the city centre of Bologna, with arrival at the central station.

All the vehicles expected in the transport system are now available in the monorail of Bologna. They will be used to complete all the tests required by the authorities for their operation.

The system, with these three vehicles, can carry 560 passengers per hour per direction.

Corporate News

Marconi Express Spa notifies that all the components of the infrastructure that link the Airport of Bologna to the Central Station have been completed not later than the 31st of October 2018, as set by the timetable. This final date was defined in the concession contract.

Currently, ministerial tests to the vehicles and to their technology are being carried out. These tests aim  at the optimization of the service and the achievement of the authorization for the operation of the infrastructure, which is necessary to its opening to the public. This phase will probably be completed during spring 2019.