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Pay&Go Contactless

To access the service, tap with your contactless card or device at the Marconi Express Pay&Go gates: this is an even simpler and more immediate way that does not force you to buy the ticket in advance. If there are ticket checks, you present the card or smartphone used for payment and they are recognised as your travel document.

How it works
If you have a Mastercard, VISA, VPay or Maestro contactless card or device, you can travel without any additional operation: in all Marconi Express stations, you can access the service by tapping with your contactless card or device to the incoming and outgoing gates. It is important to remember to always use the same card both in and out.
If the reader detects more than one contactless card or device, the credit is not deducted from any of them and the gate will not open. To avoid this, choose which device or contactless card you want to use and place it close to the reader.

How much is the ticket?
The new system with contactless bank cards automatically calculates the cost of the ticket based on the entry and exit stations, equal to:

  • € 12.80 for trips to and from Bologna “G. Marconi” Airport
  • € 2.30 for trips between the “Lazzaretto” station and Bologna central station

For round trips to and from Bologna “G. Marconi” Airport carried out within 30 days, the system will apply the discounted rate of € 10.50 for the second trip (for a round trip total € 23.30).

Is that all I need to know?
Yes. It’s easy; in and out you just have to tap with your contactless card or device on the reader. If you don’t do it also when exiting, the maximum rate equal to 12.80 € will be applied.

Where is the service active?
The service is active at all “Marconi Express” gates.

Can I use my digital device (smartphone, smartwatch …) enabled for payments?
Each bank card can also be digitized on different devices (telephone, watch…). Be careful though: the device used at the entrance must be the same for the exit.

What if a ticket inspector asks me for the ticket?
During a check by staff, it is sufficient to present the payment card used at the time of validation.

How do I verify the charges?
You can check your charges by subscribing to the reserved area.

Who guarantees for payment security?
We would like to point out that Marconi Express stores no data relating to your bank card. This service meets the security standards required for any contactless payment transaction. For any information on the qualifications and operations of your card, contact your bank.

contacless payment

Other questions? Check out our FAQs.

What should I do to pay contactless?
It’s very simple:

  1. At the departure station, approach the card to the reader to open the turnstile and access the Marconi Express
  2. At the arrival station, approach the card to open the turnstile and exit

It is very important to always use the same card also when exiting. Be careful: even if have registered your card on your contactless device, these are identified by the system as two distinct payment instruments, therefore please use the same card or device both for entering and for exiting the stations.

What happens if I don’t use the card to get out of Marconi Express?
The system calculates the right fare for the trip only if you approach your card to the turnstile both inbound and outbound. Without the outgoing tap, the system recognises where you entered but not where you left it, therefore it applies the maximum rate.

If the turnstiles are open and the exit free, do I still have to approach the card to end the journey?
Yes, absolutely, because the system calculates the right fare only after having tapped the exit turnstile. Only then will the transaction be closed. If you do not tap the card out, the transaction remains pending and the maximum fee is charged.

What happens if I use a card to get into the station and use another one to exit?
The system calculates the right fare only after exiting by using the same card that you used to enter. If you use one card when entering and a different one when exiting, the system applies the maximum fares on both cards.
ATTENTION: the device used for entering and exiting the stations must be the same. If you use a card or device to enter, please use the same card or device to exit in order not to be charged twice.

Do you need to register for the contactless payment service?
No, no registration is needed.

Can I use my own card to let other people travelling with me enter?
No. At the moment, each card allows only one passenger at a time.

One last tip?
If you’re carrying several contactless cards with you, always take out of your wallet or purse the one card you decide to use for the trip. The reader might either detect one of the contactless cards without you knowing which one or simply not work.

Are there any extra fees?
No, no fees or extra charges. You only pay the travel fare.

How is the cost of the ticket calculated?
The system calculates the travel fare after registering your card tap at the exit station, starting from the entry station. In addition, for journeys made to / from the airport, if the return is made within 30 days of the outward journey, the system will apply a discounted rate. This is why it is very important to use the card to exit.


  • If you make only one trip to / from the airport, the full rate of € 12.80 is applied
  • If you make a trip from Bologna central railway station to the airport on February 2nd and a trip from the Airport to Bologna central railway station on February 22nd, the system will charge you € 12.80 for the outward journey and € 10.50 for the return trip (total € 23.30)
  • If you are travelling between Lazzaretto station and Bologna central railway station, the fare applied will be € 2.30.

What are the advantages of paying contactless instead of just buying a ticket?
The main advantage is that it saves time; to access the service all you need to do is approach your contactless credit card to the reader positioned on the turnstiles.

Is it normal to receive a charge on a day when I did not travel?
Yes, it’s normal. Charges are deducted a few days after the trip.

Where can I see the charges?
In the reserved area. Here you can also find out what a charge refers to by reading the reason for payment near the cost. This function is momentarily only available for contactless cards and not for devices. Alternatively, you can simply check your card statement.

I received a text message from my bank saying “a 10 euro transaction was authorised”. Why 10 euros?
This is a pre-authorisation provided by the banking system and independent of the Marconi Express system. The same thing happens paying for self-service fuel, for example, where petrol stations have no part in this type of charge. At the end of the trip, the correct fare will be charged based on the itinerary you have actually travelled.

You charged me 0.02 cents more. Why?
It is not a charge. This is an authorisation request that is made when you register for the first time in the reserved area.

With which cards does contactless payment work?
With all contactless cards of the Mastercard, Maestro, VISA and VPay circuits. The system does not work with Postepay rechargeable cards issued by VISA.

Why doesn’t my card work?
There are four cases:

  • The card does not belong to one of the enabled circuits
  • The card is insolvent (the current account does not have sufficient balance, is blocked or other reasons)
  • The card has expired
  • The card belongs to one of the enabled circuits but is not contactless

In these cases, we suggest that you contact your bank, which can identify the cause of the problem.

Does payment work with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and other banking services on phones, watches or other devices?
Yes. The system works with all devices where a card belonging to the enabled circuits has been digitized.
WARNING: the device used to exit the turnstiles must be the same used to enter. If you enter with a card, you must exit with the same card. If you enter with your smartphone, you have to go out with the same smartphone.

Can I register my mobile payment device in the reserved area?
No, as of today it isn’t possible.

How can I see the charges referring to tickets that I have paid for with my virtual card (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.)?
At the moment it is not possible to do so in the reserved area (it will become possible once the card virtualization standards have been defined). You can verify the charges on your bank statement.

What do I do if a ticket inspector asks me for the ticket?
Just provide the card used at the turnstiles. All our ticket inspectors have a tablet to check the status of the operation and understand if the passenger is in order with the trip.

How can I trust that data confidentiality is not violated when my card is checked?
The ticket inspectors’ palmtops keep the card data anonymous.

Is there a risk that the card will be cloned?
No. Our turnstiles POS are certified by the banks that enable their cards. The Marconi Express service meets the security standards required for any contactless payment transaction.

I reached the arrival station but the turnstile is broken. How do I exit?
If a turnstile does not work, try tapping another turnstile.

All contactless turnstiles are broken and I exited without tapping my card. Will you charge me extra costs now?
When the card is not tapped also on the exit turnstile reader, the system automatically applies the highest fare. To request a refund, read the answer to the question below.

In which case can I get a refund?
You can ask for a refund when confirmed turnstile failures prevent one from travelling properly by tapping one’s card both at the entrance and at the exit of Marconi Express. In these cases, you may file a complaint using the following link


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